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Uplift Herbal Tea

Uplift Herbal Tea

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Uplift Herbal Tea was initially created for postpartum mothers who may be experiencing the blues. We understand that little sleep and caring for a new life can be overwhelming, to say the least. We wanted to create a special organic tea that not only aids in the body's recovery process after birth but also helps as a pick-me-up when times get rough.

That said, anyone can enjoy and benefit from a soothing and uplifting cup of our Uplift tea.

Hawthorn berries, leaf, and flower and Rose are beautiful herbs that help open up and heal the heart. Chamomile and lemon balm gently soothe the nerves. We call this blend our "happy tea" as it not only nourishes, restores, and relaxes the nerves, but also helps uplift and boost your mood. Cardamom and a hint of hibiscus round out the flavor for a tea that tastes as good as it feels.

Take a deep breath followed by a sip of our delicious tea, and remember:               YOU GOT THIS!

Uplift can be enjoyed hot or cold and is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

Naturalis Tip: Uplift is a go-to for life's overwhelming moments. Enjoy 1-3 cups a day when you feel like you need a little extra TLC.

Ingredients: (ALL INGREDIENTS ARE ORGANIC) Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Hawthorn Berries, Hibiscus Flowers, Hawthorn Blossoms, Rose Petals, Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cardamom

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