Naturalis is an organic health and body company located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. 

We use the highest quality organic ingredients to create salves, body products, and herbal tea blends that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.  We put an emphasis on care for pregnancy, postpartum, and women's health. Many of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers or sustainably wildcrafted, and we will continue to add as many local ingredients as possible to support small farmers in the future.

Our Founder

The founder, Caroline, is a DONA-certified birth doula. Her passion and care for birthing people led to the creation of Naturalis, where she can further provide for one of the most transformative experiences a person can go through. With Naturalis, Caroline can help take care of parents, birth workers, and other folks that spend so much energy taking care of others. Our products are made with the same amount of care, intention, and love that Caroline gives her birthing clients.

Self-Care is Essential

At Naturalis, we believe in the importance of self-care. By taking care of and uplifting ourselves we ultimately elevate those around us. We hope to inspire you to honor self-care as part of your total well-being by providing thoughtful, handmade, organic body products and herbal teas as a form of nourishment.

Made with intention

Our products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients from ethical sources. We craft each product with the utmost care and intention, using the best practices for extracting and infusing our herbal oils. Sun and moon play a role in our craft, as oils are infused with energy from both. Recipes have been carefully built and adjusted for ultimate effect. The end result is salves, teas, and oils that exceed expectations and the quality found elsewhere.

Naturalis: Your solution to high-quality self-care

We know that finding quality, effective, and safe self-care products is difficult. Options abound in the self-care industry but unfortunately, most of them are not optimal. Chemical ingredients and preservatives detract from whatever beneficial effect a product might have. You can feel safe knowing that you won't find any of that in Naturalis' products as we only use pure, natural ingredients. Naturalis is your source for high-quality, natural, potent self-care products that you can trust. We use Naturalis products for ourselves and give them to our friends and families. We think you should too.

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