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St. John's Wort Body Oil

St. John's Wort Body Oil

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Naturalis’ limited edition St John’s Wort Body Oil is a potent herbal oil made from sustainably grown fresh flowers and leaves from the beloved St. John’s Wort plant. It blooms only once a year around the time of St. John’s Day (June 24th) and is best infused fresh, meaning we can only make this special oil once a year!

We infuse the St. John’s Wort in local organic olive oil, relying on the warmth of the sun to extract the medicinal properties of the plant. We also expose our oils to the light of the moon, to further add to the magic of this healing plant. The oil infuses for 3 months and is shaken daily to help the extraction, and what results is a truly potent and high-quality healing oil.

When used topically, our St John’s Wort Body Oil helps to nourish the nervous system and relieve muscle tension or strains. Skin irritations, bruises, burns, and many other common skin ailments also can be healed by this amazing plant, as one of its many benefits includes anti-inflammatory properties.

St. John's Wort is characterized by its little yellow flowers that when infused, turn the oil a deep red color. 

Naturalis Tip: Use as a self-care ritual after taking a shower or bath, or before bed to help relax into sleep. Massage the oil into your skin, starting from your feet and working your way up to your neck, focusing on areas that need extra attention such as muscle pain or tightness. Take a deep breath and enjoy this moment you've created for yourself. It can alternatively be used on targeted areas or skin problems as well.

Sediment is a natural part of herbal-infused oils. Shake before use.


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