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Slumber: Sweet Dreams, Sweet Relief

Slumber: Sweet Dreams, Sweet Relief

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Naturalis' Slumber is a dreamy, relaxing salve perfect for those in need of deep rest. Mugwort is the primary herb in Slumber. Ruled by the moon, Mugwort has been used for ages to help promote dreams. Combined with locally grown and harvested organic lavender, Slumber is deeply relaxing and helps contribute to a healthy and restful sleep cycle.

Like all of our intentionally created oils, our infused oil is given time to soak up the sun and moon's warmth and light. The Mugwort was sustainably and respectfully harvested at the full moon when the plant's healing properties are at their fullest. We believe this process creates the highest quality extract. 

With continued use and intention, it can help take the user a "step up" from your natural dream tendencies. Use as a nightly ritual before drifting off into peaceful sleep. Use in conjunction with our Tranquil herbal tea for complete relaxation and a good night's sleep.

Mugwort is an antispasmodic, relaxing muscles and helping to calm menstrual cramps when rubbed onto the womb area. Because of this powerful effect, our Slumber salve is not to be used while pregnant.  

Naturalis Tip: Rub into temples, third eye, and bottoms of feet nightly to help deeply relax and boost your dreams. If using during your menstrual cycle, it is best used before the onset of cramps but can be used at any time. May be used on sore muscles anywhere on the body as well.



Ingredients: (*Organic) *Olive and *Coconut Oil infused with *Mugwort and *Lavender, *Beeswax

*Solar and Lunar Infused Oils* Mugwort is respectfully wildcrafted locally and Lavender is grown locally.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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